Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Lock & Load 2019

Lock & Load 2019

Lock & Load was the end of June this year, and I headed up looking to play some Warmachine and Monsterpocalypse. Mission accomplished! Also, I managed to walk away without buying a new faction. So that's good news for my wallet.


The Heretic takes on the Convergence of Cyriss on an extremely annoying board. The giant hut and tree in the middle messed us both up.

Versus some nicely painted and murderously effective Legion of Everblight birds - Absylonia 2 turning them on for a serious assassination list. Unfortunately, every bird was rather top-heavy, so that board was a bit of a hassle.

Watching an airbrush seminar. Pretty helpful.

The Child vs. the Retribution of Scyrah, aka the Dawnmower faction. This wasn't the best field to be facing off against a ranged-heavy list, but the scenario was quite fun - we had to trade feats, so he got to find out how Garryth 2 uses Arcana and I got, well, a kind of mediocre feat for my list.

Second game of MonPoc. I'm totally sold on this game now. Very fun.

Last game of the convention, and the only one I actually won. Also, we were both really tired, so it was one of those games that takes twice as long as it should with plenty of unforced errors...

Friday, May 31, 2019

Enfilade 2019 Report

Memorial Day weekend brings me to Olympia, Washington every year for Enfilade! This year was a bit different: my usual convention buddy is in Japan, brewing beer, so my wife came along for some much needed quiet, the child being dropped off at the grandparents'. Therefore, it was a bit more of a date/getaway than the usual gamer marathon, which was nice, because we haven't had many getaways recently.

But gaming is what this blog's about, so...

I actually only played in one game this year (!), a combination of a late start and not finding many of the open games appealing, and also being inexplicably terribly tired all weekend.

Mexican-American War with Reg. Fire & Fury
The one game I did play was Terry's Mexican-American War game with Regimental Fire & Fury, a system that's really growing on me. I took charge of the Mexican cavalry and the game went unexpectedly well for them - thanks in no small part to some terrible dice on the Yankee side. Not everything went so well for the Mexicans, as our center collapsed under an American assault. At the end of the period, with the Americans holding the center but the Mexicans closing in around the sides, we called it a draw.

Mexican cavalry prepared to ride down the Yankee invaders.
 I spent the rest of the convention puttering around, planning future games, chatting, and helping out at the Bring & Buy. I did snap a few more pictures, though:

Russian Civil War- the Tsarevich is on the armored train, and the Reds must capture him.

Mammoth hunting - I though this one looked very cool

All Quiet on the Martian Front - someone went all out with that tripod on the upper right.

Muskets and Tomahawks

This year left me with an odd conflict: while the convention itself was really well done, and there was a plethora of good games to be had, most of them left me uninterested in playing. The obvious solution: Next year, I'll have to put on a few games. Leaning toward some big battle ancients, Napoleonics, and possibly World War 2.

I was also a little peeved at not getting an entry into the painting competition. This was mostly because it was difficult to get info about the competition, and at the last minute I was put off by word that entries had to be part of a game as well. That was evidently untrue, as at least one entry was a bust of a Templar knight, but that's the rumor mill for you. I'm also annoyed that I forgot to take some pictures of the entries, as there were some really nice ones. I'll have to try for an entry next year, regardless of the quality of information floating around.

As an aside: since I was with the wife, we did the usual exploring of restaurants. I can recommend Hash on Harrison Ave NW for breakfast, and Hops on the Hill made a pretty good (if very moist) brisket.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Ambuscade Photo Dump

I've not had much chance to do gaming this month, so here's all the photos I took at this year's Ambuscade. Very pleasant day of gaming.

Monday, April 1, 2019

Warmachine Tournament Report, March 31

Final game, early days
After a bit of a dry spell, I got three games in Sunday at Rune & Board in a local steamroller tournament. I went 0-3, but it's just as well; I was testing out a bunch of new tech cold, so it was definitely an opportunity to learn instead of strive for victory.

I brought two lists, as per usual, but only played one:

Bump in the Night theme force
King of Nothing
2x Crabbits
2x Clockatrices
2x Hollowmen (max) + Lantern Man
2x Mad Caps
2x Neigh Slayers (max)
Eilish Garrity
Glimmer Imp
Lord Longfellow

Bump In the Night hasn't been a very popular theme force for good reason, because the Grymkin infantry are fairly lackluster and the theme doesn't do much to improve them. Still, the Clockatrice makes a difference, and some new models coming out this month ought to make them tick a little better. So I thought I'd try it.

For the first round, I faced off against Danny, one of the best players in the area, playing Retribution of Scyrah. He dropped a Garryth 2 list with a bunch of mage hunters. I forget the scenario, but it was one where he was able to push in and win on scenario while I scrambled to figure out what all my stuff did... Highlights of this match up were finding out that the King's cloud wall is, in fact, remarkably effective if used carefully, even against lists that pack LOS-ignoring tech. Also, Mad Caps are fun but seem tricky to use well.

Second round was against Kyle, to whom I had just sold a Slayer warjack. He promptly used against me in a classic Asphyxious 3 'jack spam list. Curses! I'd never faced this list archetype before and it was interesting. Cloud wall again really slowed down his alpha, and a plethora of low-value targets gave his high-value attacks less, um, value. However, I wasn't able to take down as many 'jacks as I needed on my first turn of attacking - missed a few attack rolls - and since I'd put King way out there, he was able to snag an easy assassination.

Third round was against Berks' accursed Kaelyssa Forges of War list, with that stupidly powerful Dawnguard Trident and the Dawnguard Destors. (It's the matchup in the picture.) I actually did somewhat better than I expected in this one, but clocked out nonetheless. The key mistake I made here were that I counter deployed my Neigh Slayers to take on his Trident, and they can't really handle it it. The key point is that it both outthreats them (17" without a charge compared to 9.5") and has enough firepower to fairly reliably kill 4-5 of them a turn. In the end, I ran out of time trying to clear a zone to just score points. It's possible that I might have been able to grind it out scenario, but I think the Trident would have swung it in Berks' favor on attrition or even assassination - especially after he eliminated one of my Clockatrices. I think I'm going to have to start bringing Old Witch 3 just to counter the Ret ranged game that I keep seeing at these things...

Over all, good games and a good event. Props to James for running it.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Comic Strip Monsters!

Not a lot of gaming or painting going on this past ten days, but I did get my Monsterpocalypse Planet Eaters done, comic style. To be honest, I'm not thrilled with the style, but it was a good experiment. I do like the models. They're menacing in a chubby, goofy fashion.

Group shot!


Front row: Chompers; back row, a Destructomite on the left and an ExplodoHawk on the right

Four Belchers and a Crawler
Looking at these tells me I need a proper photo setup. On the other hand, better photos will make my paint jobs look worse...

Monday, March 4, 2019

The PDX Open: A Warmachine tournament report

Saturday, March 2 saw the first PDX Open: A large Warmachine tournament with the top 8 players getting wildcard points toward the Warfaire Weekend invitational. I... did not get in the top 8. But I did have fun.

I brought Grymkin, which I've been playing for a while. While I did bring King of Nothing as an off list, I really only played Pat Dunford's classic Dreamer list:

The Dreamer
* Gorehound x3
* Cage Rager x3
* Skin and Moans x2
* Crabbit x2
Death Knell
Gremlin Swarm x4

 Round 1: Vs. Jeremiah's Skorne

Set up versus Jeremiah's Skorne
 First game was against a local, Jeremiah, one of the hosts of the Spellstorm Miniatures podcast. He's been learning Skorne lately and decided to one-list it with Xekaar and a bunch of beasts. We had a pretty good game, but I was able to push back on scenario until he ran out of time.

End of game - Xekaar has rushed into the middle to kill a few Gremlin Swarms and get some points before time.

 Round 2: Vs. Adrianne's Circle Orboros

Vs. Adrianne's Tharn. (The six models on the far left are not actually in play yet). I do so hate the Tharn Wolf Riders.
Second round I played against Adrianne from... points north? Not sure. She dropped the dreaded Iona/Tharn list into me - my plan for it had been to dodge all event. However, she's newish to the game, and had never played against Grymkin, so I figured I had an even chance.

As it happened, though she pushed me pretty hard on scenario and attrition, she also clocked out, and thus I eked out my second win of the day. (I'm not terribly happy about winning that way, but I'll take it...)

End of game vs. Adrianne, just after the clock chimed.

 Round 3: Vs. Jaden's Circle Orboros

Jaden's Tharn advance on the poor, pitiful Grymkin.
But my next match was against Jaden, one of the hosts of the Line of Sight podcast and a much, much better player than me. He, too, was playing Iona Tharn, and boy was that rough - at the end of the fifth round, all I had left on the table was the Dreamer. It was a good game nonetheless, though - a rather poor dice roll on turn two meant that I got to pop the Lord of the Feast before he got to do anything, so that's a moral victory.

Round 4: Vs. Berks' Retribution of Scyrah

Setting up against Berks' terrifying Ret list.
This was my second game against Berks' list (Kaelyssa, Dawnmower, some knights), and... this was also rough. Given the scenario (The Pit II) and my list, I wasn't able to contest well or engage in attrition, and he just shut me out of scenario by the bottom of turn three. Not the best game for me, but Berks is always a pleasure to play against

I dropped after round four and headed home. I believe Jaden took home first place after another three rounds...

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Gaming (no painting) late February: Warmachine

Haven't had much chance for gaming, and even less for proper painting, over the past couple weeks. About all I was able to squeeze in was a three-round Warmachine tournament at Portland Game Store.

Vs. Kraken's Trollkin list. So much beef to chew through, I'm lucky they clocked out before they could murder all my heavies.

It's a Grymkin Mirror Match! Briggs got to break out his brand new Clockatrice out. It's a nice piece.

Vs. Berks' Retribution of Scyrah. He's still in love with the shiny Dawnguard Trident, and for good reason.

He was able to shut me out on scenario. Good game, but... kinda getting tired of Grymkin.